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5% From Each Order will go to Support Women Around The World.

About Women's Zone

Women’s Zone is a one-stop-shop to establish an international reputation for designing, producing, and marketing Hijab characterized by originality, superior quality, and at affordable prices for the modern, fashion-conscious, and self-confident woman of all ages and cultures worldwide.

Our elegant and innovative modest selections are statements of Hijab-Wearing women’s love for their identity and are inspired by culture and heritage.

This brand was born in 2018 based in Canada and serving worldwide customers. Women’s Zone was brought to life with having the daily lifestyle and regular activities of the modern hijab-wearing women in mind.

Our competitive advantages have allowed us to climb the fashion world’s stairs to become one of the most sought-after and exclusive scarves in the marketplace. That, along with our periodic introduction of new unique styles following seasonal colors have distinguished Women’s Zone from its competitors.



Once upon a time in 2018, I immigrated to Canada with my children, And immediately I realized the Wearing-Hijab-women’s problem to find elegant, comfortable, affordable price Hijab. And as a wearing-Hijab woman myself I feel it’s my responsibility to provide this Hijab. I got to work building my Hijab brand while studying a business program for newcomer entrepreneurs and worked to open my business, the Women’s Zone Social Club, a clothing business and social club for women.

While entrepreneurship is my passion I also believe it is my responsibility to educate women about politics, anti-racism, and health. I have been active in the political scene and enjoys discussing local issues with politics.

Proudly I was selected to advocate for women in my province, New Brunswick, and appointed to the NewBrunswick Women’s Council.

Me at the Council Chamber, City of Saint John, NewBrunswick, Canada, 2021

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