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No Pin Needed - Cotton Jersey - Maroon Hijab


What makes our stylish hijab so special is it makes you look good and feel good , it is stay in place and  saves you time .Very versatile large size fits all size women, packs easily, one piece hijab , not see through Superior quality fabric maintains beauty after long term wash and wear

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Buying a hijab online saves your time and efforts. What do you think?

Scarf Material: 100% Cotton Jersey Fabric

Design: Cotton Jersey Maroon Hijab

Scarf Package: One Pcs.

Care Way: Hand washing in cold or lukewarm water with mild detergent.

Product Description –  Are you searching for a hijab of maroon color? We have a Maroon hijab that is so much easy to style as you need to have pin top style it. It stays in place and saves time and is so comfortable and quick to style as well. The best part is it fits all the women of different sizes perfectly. Also, the best thing is that it is made up of material that is opaque and not see-through. The fabric used is of superior quality and is very durable even after the long-term wash and wear its beauty remains intact. Here are some of the top features of this maroon hijab:

  • 100% Cotton Jersy Fabric Used In Making.
  • a breathable, light-weight natural fabric
  • The best choice for every hijab
  • Perfect as a gift or for any occasion

Benefits of Cotton Jersey Maroon Hijab:

  • Jersey hijabs range in weight from light to medium. 
  • This hijab’s blend of organic cotton and lycra makes it flexible and breathable even if it is heavier than alternatives like chiffon. 
  • You won’t feel constrained because the scarf’s material conforms to you and your behavior, making you more at ease in hot weather. 
  • This hijab is popular for sports events for a reason—it is excellent for controlling moisture and may effectively ward off those hot flushes caused by exposure to a range of temperatures. 
  • You can wrap this pin-free hijab material for just snug and cozy fit in colder regions. 
  • The most advanced material that effortlessly adjusts to every hijab style is this one!

For casual wear, jersey hijabs work best. Since they don’t crease easily, you can immediately put a hijab on your head for work or a laid-back night out with friends without having to iron them first. Additionally, because it conforms to your shape, it is simple to put on without having to bother about pinning your scarf into place. You can always choose a jersey hijab that is appropriate for the occasion and complements your wardrobe because they exist in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.


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